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making presence possible

does remote work really work for you? how do you stay connected to your associates and your clients’? how do you create “your brand” and consistently have a “place to go”? how do you successfully co-create and collaborate?

remote workers can thrive with a place go and a new way to work!

in walkabout workplace you will experience a disruptive technology that creates two essential dimensions missing in today’s remote work platforms: place and presence.


experience how YOU can impact your company, your colleagues and your clients - ask for a tour today!

Our Vision

Walkabout Workplace provides the very best connected digital workplace to virtual teams for face-to-face engagement and spontaneous collaboration.


Walkabout Workplace delivers the digital equivalent of a physical workplace that is better able to facilitate innovation and flexible working practices.

Our vision is to build a familiar place for you and your team where you can go to work every day.

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