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3 ways to increase
remote team roi

TECHNOLOGY - a unified platform that provides high-quality video, chat, instant messaging.

PRESENCE - the ability to see who is in the office at all times, their availability and in-office interactions.

INCLUSION - the right policies and culture to promote equal treatment of on-site and offsite employees.

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how do you stay connected to your associates and your clients’? how do you create “your brand” and consistently have a “place to go”? how do you successfully co-create and collaborate?

remote workers can thrive with a place go and a new way to work!

in walkabout workplace you will experience a disruptive technology that creates two essential dimensions missing in today’s remote work platforms: place and presence.


experience how YOU can impact your company, your colleagues and your clients - ask for a tour today!

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does remote work really work for you?


enjoy a virtual morning walkabout


  • Custom Lobby for easy (and free) guest visits

  • Branded Office Entrance (Landing page)

  • Choice of Floor Plan

  • Customized personal offices


  • Virtual Receptionist to greet your clients and guests

  • Reliable HD video conferencing

  • Multi-User, same-time screen sharing


  • Real-time office view display to see your team in action

  • One click movement around the office (or around the World)

  • Teleport to visit and work with colleagues in their private offices or common rooms


  • Multiple methods to communication - video, audio only or chat

  • Urgent notifications via Text Message

  • On-the-Go mobile friendly web views 



1 User

$15 per user, per month

paid annually

($20/user/mo - paid monthly)

Small Teams

2-49 Team Members

$13 per user, per month

paid annually

($18/user/mo - paid monthly)

Medium Teams

50-99 Team Members

$12 per user, per month

paid annually

($14/user/mo - paid monthly)

Large Teams

100+ Team Members

$10 per user, per


paid annually

($12/user/mo - paid monthly)

Custom Solutions

So you want something different? We've made:

  • Multi-floor buildings

  • Campuses

  • Auditoriums


work together

anywhere. anytime.

walkabout is more than a video or collaboration tool, we build you a real virtual PLACE and remove the barriers of physical and virtual distance.

see how companies bring their remote teams together in a unified workplace

check out our video and in under 2 minutes see how walkabout works!

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